How We’re Paid

People often ask us how we get paid. In a nutshell, we represent many of the nation’s largest lenders and act as their outsourced sales team. Each time we bring a lender a mortgage, that lender pays us a fee out of their own revenues – a fee is fully disclosed to you upfront and in writing.

And did you know that many of the nation’s largest lenders close more loans through their broker channel than through their own captive sales force?

How can this save you money? Two ways. First, because our cost of doing business is often much lower than the large financial institutions’, the final cost to you is often much lower.

But even more importantly, the big difference is in the results. Because we’re not associated with any one lender, we’re free to choose from a broad universe of mortgage solutions – allowing us to identify and select the lowest cost and most appropriate loan for your needs.

We have no quotas, no special incentives, no "deals" with any lender, no allegiance to anyone, but you, our borrower.