Why a Mortgage Broker?
If It’s Not Brokered, Fix It

It’s unlikely that any single lender chosen at random will have the one mortgage in the entire industry most suited to your needs.

For instance, some borrowers are seeking the lowest interest rate. Others need to find a lender who is forgiving of credit issues, or who offers loans with exceptionally low down payments. Still others are seeking a lender who will allow non-permitted property improvements to be included in the appraised value. And on and on.

At SpoLoan, we act as a sort of supermarket with literally hundreds and hundreds of mortgage products on our shelves – all offered by a variety of major national lenders, each one available, but each with different combinations of benefits and potential drawbacks.

As your advocate, we begin by determining – in consultation with you – the specific advantages you're looking for, along with the issues and financial details that may constrain you.

Then – using MatchLoan, our proprietary software – we sort through more than 1,000 mortgage products offered by 80 of the nation's largest lenders in order to find the loan that's most favorable for you.

Once we’ve found your loan, SpoLoan has the experience and personal connections necessary to structure, negotiate, and close to your advantage.