Additional Mortgage Services

There are many reasons why you may need a mortgage. You may be purchasing, refinancing or renovating. You may be acquiring a home, a business, or an investment. You may need a temporary bridge loan so you can buy before you sell. Or you may need to renegotiate an existing loan.

Whatever the reason, there are literally thousands of options available. How do you know which one is right for you? It's as simple SpoLoan.

Residential and Commercial Loans

From reduced-rate first-time homebuyer loans to Jumbo home loans to large-scale commercial mortgages, SpoLoan’s MatchLoan system has the ability to sort through the offerings of over 70 national lenders and identify the most advantageous loans for your unique situation. Working with you, we’ll identify and help eliminate potential weaknesses in your application. And then we’ll negotiate on your behalf to deliver you the right loan at the right rate.

Residential Purchasing and Refinancing

Whether you need a new home, a new loan for your existing home, or a new swimming pool, SpoLoan is here to help. Whatever your situation, our mission is to sort through literally thousands of loan offerings and deliver you the most appropriate loan with the most advantageous terms. From loan identification using our proprietary MatchLoan system, to application strengthening, to direct negotiation, SpoLoan delivers – often negotiating with our lenders to pay all of your refinance closing costs.

Bridge Loans

One of the most common problems homebuyers face is trying to close on a new home before they've sold their old one.

That’s why we created BridgeLoan by SpoLoan – a $2 million pool of funds dedicated to quickly and easily providing you with the short-term financing you may need to close on a new home while significant funds are still tied up in your old home.

With BridgeLoan by SpoLoan, buying before you sell has never been so easy. And best of all, because SpoLoan provides your loan in-house, we can make the arrangements with a degree of speed, flexibility and confidentiality that few other lenders can offer.

Loan Restructuring and Renegotiation

A Free Problem Resolution Service For Your Existing Mortgage

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive mortgage services for the community, we’ve created AdviseLoan by SpoLoan – a free service which is designed to assist borrowers who may have challenges with their existing mortgages. For example, borrowers whose loan balance now exceeds the value of their home, or borrowers who can no longer afford their monthly payments.

In assisting borrowers, we have an unusual advantage in that Joel has worked in the "loan workout" departments of two national lenders, so he understands how banks evaluate requests for forbearance, forgiveness, and short sales. Adding to that strength, we’ve recently built special relationships with the loan workout departments of every major national lender.

All of which is to say that SpoLoan is singularly capable of assisting mortgage holders who may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. We’re here to help. And we never charge for this service.